Planned Preventative Maintenance

Prevention is always better than the cure, which is why we offer a planned preventative maintenance service (PPM) to both our commercial and residential clients. We schedule visits to your property at six-month intervals to make sure everything is working efficiently, and to check for signs of wear and tear that without attention could lead to an expensive and inconvenient breakdown.

Our aim is to diagnose any problems before they happen, and replace or update where necessary to ensure your property is safe and sound. We have a small annual charge for our preventative service, but should reassure you that maintaining your property in this way almost always works out cheaper over time, as it avoids the need for costly emergency repairs and call-outs.

 It’s also difficult to put a price on peace of mind. Knowing your property is running like clockwork is worth its weight in gold. 

Our periodic visits will highlight any faults or potential problem areas that need addressing and we’ll prepare a report with photographic evidence detailing any work we recommend doing. The visit also allows us to sort out all sorts of odd jobs for our residential clients - the niggling tasks that never seem to get done. Changing your broken light bulbs, for example, is all part of our service with a smile.

What might our professional tradesmen recommend you do as a result of these planned preventative maintenance visits?

Areas frequently highlighted during these checks include:

  • Mastic repair - deteriorated mastic can lead to a full-blown leak
  • Drains cleaning
  • Gutter cleaning, to prevent blockages after a build up of fallen leaves


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