Darlington Property Maintenance can supply time served plasterers for repairs to re-plastering full rooms, or maybe you just fancy something different like an arch fitting, we have a dedicated team of plastering experts that can fulfill your requirements

we have a full range of plastering and plaster boarding service availible

Darlington Property Maintenance use products from the leading manufacturers, and you can obtain information about their range of products and technical specifications via their web sites.

•British Gypsum
•Absolute Steel Framing
•Hadley Group

Plaster is used to provide a smooth, flat surface to internal walls and ceilings. These smooth walls are suitable for decorating with paint or wall paper. Plaster also has the added advantage of offering sound and heat insulation, and it is fire-proof as well.

There are two main methods of providing a plastered wall, either wet-plastering, or by using plasterboard (dry-lining).

Wet plastering is the traditional method for plastering, and make no mistake, it is a difficult technique to master. A professional plasterer may well cost what you think is a lot of money, however an amateur attempting to plaster will probably run into a lot of difficulty, especially when trying to achieve a smooth flat surface with no bulges or deviations.

Dry lining involves the application of large flat plasterboards which are fixed into place by a variety of methods including screwing, nailing or directly bonding to the wall.

Both dry lining and wet plastering will usually be finished with a plaster skim. This is a final coat of plastering with a very smooth durable finish to it. In general a plaster skim will only be 2-3mm thick. Plaster skimming is again a difficult art to master. It involves two main steps. Firstly lay the plaster on as smooth and flat as possible and then leave to dry for 20-40mins. The second step is called polishing, this is where the plaster is sprayed or brushed with a light film of water and then polished down with a trowel or sponge to produce a smooth finish

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