Jet washing services

Using jet washing otherwise known as pressure washing, we can bring your patios, paths, common areas, pavements, walls and cladding back to life. If these areas have become slippery and dangerous due to moss or algy or just plain unsightly, let our professional team transform them back to safe, beautiful places to be.

High Pressure Jet Washing

At Darlington Property Maintenance we use high-pressure water jet cleaning methods for fast and effective results. There are different attachments such as the rotary-head which is enclosed, which limit the debris and enable even cleaning of horizontal surfaces.

Our jet washing service is available to domestic, commercial contracts or local authorities. What ever your requirements we will try to achieve them. For a free quote or free advice please contact our friendly staff.

Killing Off Moss

Moss and algae can be not only unsightly but also dangerous if left untreated on driveways, paths, play areas, walkways, Roofs, decking, pavements and any other areas that are used by you or your family.

Conservatory Cleaning

In as little as an hour, your conservatory can be as good as new again with our exterior residential conservatory cleaning service. We can clean away moss and debris, and get to areas which are difficult to reach.

Wall Cleaning

A power washed brick exterior greatly enhance the appearance and reduce the aging effects on brick walls. Our specialisrt equipment is capable of removing graffiti, grime, dirt, mildew, and elements that detract from the natural beauty of brick exteriors.

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roof cleaning darlington
roof cleaning darlington

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