Repairing your roof can be an absolute nightmare and for many, it's an unwanted expense.  In the UK, when it comes to types of roofs, felt roofing, slate roofing and tile roofing are among the most popular types, and even though most houses in the UK have sloped roofs, garages and other buildings use flat roofs which can make leaks all that more noticeable.  If you've got a leak repairing it will be different for each type of roof.

While roof repair sounds simple, it's often best left to the experts.  With different roofs requiring special techniques, in some circumstances you'll also need to be completely comfortable working at height.  With some special skills required such as mixing cement and applying mortar, it's important to be aware that roof repair can be a time consuming task. 

A leaky roof can cause any home-owner a lot of stress while they try to determine how much damage is done and how best to repair it.  Replacing an entire roof can be very expensive, so most people will look for ways to repair their leaky roof for a cost cutting solution.  Whether your roof has been damaged from a storm, weathering, high winds or normal wear and tear on the roof, there are many options available for leaky roof repair. 

The first step in leaky roof repair is to locate the area where the roof is leaky.  Most likely, you will be able to see where the leak has come through on the inside every time it rains or snows.  By locating the leak or leaks on the inside, you will be able to narrow down what area of the roof needs to be checked. This will help locate the leak whether you are searching yourself or hiring a contractor.  Once the damage to the roof has been assessed the different options that are available for leaky roof repair can be considered.

Darlington Property Maintenance work in conjunction with some of the biggest names in the roofing industry to supply and fit, the best solutions to prove a long term repair to your roof.  With so many solutions and products now available we are able to advise you of the best way to fix your roof to meet your budget. 

We are currently supplying home roof repairs and maintenance to the North East of England. 

Chimney Repairs in Darlington and north east
Our roofer can undertake chimney rebuilding and chimney repair work for properties throughout Darlington, bishop Auckland  Durham and any where in northeast. We can dismantle chimneys, refit chimney pots, repair flashing's and carry out many other types of chimney repairs. If your chimney is showing signs of damage, contact our expert chimney repair team today.

please see picture below of our chimney repairs these include re-building of chimney and many re-pointing chimneys to ensure they remain sturdy and usable, we can also remove unused chimneys to prevent further unnecessary chimney maintenance costs. 

Emergency Roofer in Darlington, Bishop Auckland and Durham

If your home has suffered storm damage, quick action may prevent the problem from becoming worse. Protect your home from the bad weather by using our urgent roof repair service. Our skilled roofer is ready to help when you need emergency roof repairs to fix your damaged roof or home. Call Darlington property maintenance today 

If you spot a problem with your chimney or roof, contact our knowledgeable and friendly customer care team. We’ll be happy to discuss your requirements with you to find a professional roofing solution quickly. Call us on 0800 334 5002 or use the contact us section


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