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Property Refurbishments

Thanks to our close association with Military Maintenance Ltd, a company made up of disciplined and professional former service members, we can handle all manner of refurbishment and renovation projects. Whether it’s simply painting walls or a complete rebuild, our dedicated team will complete all works within the estimated time and within budget. Darlington Property Maintenance pride ourselves on our accountability, honesty and committed work ethic, allowing us to provide an exceptional standard of work for an agreeable price, every time.

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We can handle:

  Planning Permission

  Property Design

  Building Work



maintenance men fixing wires in freshing decorated white room with wooden roof beams

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Fill out our contact form to receive your free estimate for property refurbishments in Darlington. Our prices are competitive and our service always accountable, keeping you up to date on all happenings on-site, no matter where you are. We’ll handle things for you.

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